What's new in Stardog v 8.1.0

Watch now to join the Stardog Product Management team for an inside look and demos of our latest release. You'll also get a special preview of what we're working on next.
We'll cover:
check-mark-circle-white A new data mapping suggestion service that expedites mapping data in Designer
check-mark-circle-white Designer’s enhanced support of complex mappings and data definitions
check-mark-circle-white An updated publishing workflow that helps users specify where and how their Designer projects are published
check-mark-circle-white Databricks Unity Catalog integration with the Knowledge Catalog that provides Stardog users visual access to their Unity Catalog metastore in Explorer
check-mark-circle-white Our brand new Knowledge Kits available in Stardog Cloud to accelerate your knowledge graph journey
 Plus, a look into what’s next on the product roadmap


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