Get Started with Stardog Cloud

Watch this Stardog Free Friday, our educational webinar aimed at helping customers more easily use Stardog’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform.  Cloud Onboarding Specialist, Saket Kulkarni, will walk you through Stardog’s cloud-based platform for a seamless onboarding experience, and show you around some of our latest features. 
After this webinar, you should be able to:

  • Access a Stardog Cloud account
  • Connect to a server, create a database, select a model, and start exploring your knowledge graph
  • Determine which Stardog tool is the best starting point for your project
  • Quickly build a knowledge graph using quick start Knowledge Kits 
  • Find new connections in your data by clicking around the graph, using the search bar, or building advanced queries 
  • Publish and share your work with colleagues 

    There is no pre-requisite for this webinar. If you do not yet have a Stardog Cloud account, you can create one here. We will be reviewing how to create an account on the call as well. 

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