Data Exploration - May The Force Be With You

Please note: Stardog experienced some technical difficulties during this live session. Please contact us with any questions or to request a custom demo!

Join us for this hands-on lab with Stardog Founder and SVP, Engineering, Mike Grove, as he walks us through modeling and mapping with the Stardog Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform.
In this exercise we will create a knowledge graph from a blank slate using data from a galaxy far, far away. We will create a basic data model from scratch and use that to integrate and unify each of the sources. While this data may be from far away, it exhibits many challenges of data closer to home:

  •  messy and inconsistent 
  • key concepts represented as simple strings
  • important facts like units completely missing

    Knowledge graphs offer us tools to do data cleanup dynamically, without altering the underlying source of information. We will leverage Stardog’s key differentiator—the Inference Engine—to create perform transformations, extend our data model to represent the new concepts, and infer entirely new relationships. No need to copy and fix data, which requires high manual labor and results in low usability.
    We will show how these rich data models, combined with the inference engine, provide a crucial semantic search capability over your knowledge graph. 

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