Accelerating Analytics and AI with Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge graphs are on the rise at enterprises hungry for greater automation and intelligence. The flexibility of the graph model, along with its explicit storage of data relationships, makes it not only easy to manage data arriving from diverse sources, but search and explore data to reveal new insights that would otherwise be very difficult to discover.
An Enterprise Knowledge Graph fills that critical gap in existing data management tech stacks. It fits nicely between where data is stored, catalogued, and consumed to eliminate data access barriers, add meaning to data through semantic models, and promote a culture of self-service and self-sufficiency.
Watch this session to learn how Stardog’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform can:

  • Streamline access to your data with virtualization
  • Enrich your data with business meaning using semantic standards
  • Identify new connections and insights through inference
  • Deliver better data to your existing analytics tools


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