How to Build a Data Fabric 

image-2 Thursday, April 29, 2021 | 11:00am to 12:00pm ET


We know data fabric is the data integration strategy of the future, but how do you bring a data fabric to life? In this webinar, Rob Harris, VP of Solutions Consulting at Stardog, will walk you through what a data fabric implementation will look like for your organization, step by step. You’ll learn: 
  • Key steps for building a data fabric and how to leverage existing data management investments
  • Best practices from real-world implementations of a data fabric at some of the world’s leading organizations in life sciences and financial services
  • The technical skills and resources required to begin your data fabric implementation
  • A MVP methodology for data modeling to drive compounding business value 
Still think data fabric is just a buzzword? Get up to speed with our whitepaper to learn what a data fabric is, what data integration problems it solves, and real stories of why various Fortune 500 companies are implementing their own data fabrics. 



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