Building a Systems Biology Data Fabric 

Assessing whether a signaling pathway plays a significant role in a given disease or treatment area is a time-consuming process that typically spans multiple different labs with different data definitions and schemas and relies on manual literature reviews by highly specialized business and domain experts.

In this webinar, we will present a methodology for assembling a systems biology data fabric that enables FAIR data and automates some of the tasks involved in this time-consuming process by combining knowledge available from public data sources as well as facts extracted from literature using state of the art NLP and machine learning.

The resulting data fabric not only helps business experts save significant time and effort performing manual literature deep dives, but it also provides a methodology and an infrastructure for systematically collecting critical decision-making evidence and insights and dynamically delivering semantically enriched data to the organization.


Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the components of a Data Fabric as explained by industry experts from Stardog and ZS
  • Learn how a Data Fabric can help implement and manage FAIR data within your organization
  • Discuss the key considerations for implementing a Data Fabric within your own organization



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