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Stardog Voicebox is a knowledge engineer powered by Large Language Models (LLM), Generative AI, and autonomous agents to provide 3 core services.
  1. Knowledge Graph Question Answering to fully democratize enterprise analytics and data access. Voicebox answers ordinary language questions  without the need to write graph queries or connect a BI tool like Tableau.
  2. Knowledge Graph Data Modeling to reduce the cost of implementing your enterprise knowledge graph. Voicebox creates new knowledge graph data models from ordinary language inputs (i.e. prompts), CSV and any other Stardog Datasource. Voicebox can be used iteratively in all phases of the data model lifecycle within Stardog Designer: bootstrapping, iterative maintenance and data model extensions, etc.
  3. Stardog Smart Help to reduce the cost of operating Stardog by empowering DevOps and IT. Voicebox answers plain language support questions about using, programming, or administering the Stardog EKG Platform.
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