Virtual Graphs: The Secret to Data Management in the Hybrid Cloud Era 

The cloud's agility and its promise of vastly reduced costs and increased efficiency has made it a key goal for IT leaders. But the journey often requires extensive data transformation, copying and migration, refactoring and re-platforming along the way. Data-driven initiatives are only meaningful if you can access all the data that you need. Virtualization, a key component of the Stardog’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform, is integral to the movement to hybrid cloud and overcoming the modern, distributed data landscape. 

Stardog’s Virtual Graphs combine the benefits of traditional data virtualization with knowledge graph technology offering you unprecedented agency to investigate deep connections in your data and permanently surmount access challenges. By accessing data in real-time, knowledge graphs are able to support better business decisions with richer context provisioning.

Key Learnings 

  • What is the Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform and how its virtual graph capability augments traditional relational-based virtualization solutions.
  • How to maintain hybrid on-premise and cloud hybrid environments without refactoring. 
  • Discover how the Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform can offer great costs savings for your team beyond moving towards the cloud and in support of a vast range of digital transformation initiatives.
  • Explore key businesses cases for the Enterprise Knowledge Graphs and learn how virtually traversing connections across data silos is critical for enhancing a number of enterprise workflows. 
  • See Stardog in action at NASA and a leading bank. Learn how our platform has helped these institutions cut down data preparation time by 80-90%.

Your Presenters:

Evren Sirin and Al Baker (1)-1