Benchmark Report: Trillion Edge Knowledge Graph 

Our latest benchmark report, Trillion Edge Knowledge Graph, is the first demonstration of a massive knowledge graph that consists of materialized data and Virtual Graphs spanning hybrid multicloud data sources.

Key finding: Virtual Graphs deliver sub-second query times and 98% cost savings over traditional approaches

In this benchmark, we prove it is possible to have a 1 trillion-edge knowledge graph—for comparison purposes, this is twice as large as Google’s knowledge graph, which has 500 billion triples—and deliver sub-second query times while using a distributed infrastructure that provides a 98% cost savings over traditional approaches that store all the data in one location. This has the potential to usher in a new era of data management, one where the knowledge graph is a core component of enterprise data infrastructure that drives profitability and competitive advantage.
This benchmark demonstrates there is no performance degradation as a result of using virtualized sources, and Stardog’s knowledge graph can deliver sub-second query times in line with graph databases using fully materialized data. This is the case even at a massive scale—and Stardog offers the further benefit of dramatically reducing operational costs by reducing the number of servers you need to use.
Download the report to see all the findings from the benchmark report.


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