Knowledge Graph for Analytics Foundations

Tech Tuesday is Stardog's education program exclusively focused on the technical aspects of knowledge graph. In this online course, you will learn the basics of knowledge graph technologies as the growing foundation for data and analytics.
1. Knowledge Graph Foundations is the starting point, a knowledge graph 101, for IT professionals familiarizing themselves with knowledge graph technologies. There are 5 sessions as part of this course in which you will:
  • Hear from the experts: Access the latest insight from certified Stardog solution engineers and product managers
  • Gain real-world insights: Presenters focus on real-world data management challenges
  • Learn in an easy-to-understand technical format: Designed for busy IT professionals—learn it today, apply it tomorrow
Who should attend?
Participants include data engineers, data architects, software developers, data scientists, and other data management professionals who are eager to learn about knowledge graph.
How does it work?
Each session is designed as a stand alone. It is recommended you start with session 1.1 and then progress through in any sequence you prefer.

Access the Sessions:

Tech Tuesday: Knowledge Graph Foundations - 5 Sessions:
    • Week 1: What is an Enterprise Knowledge Graph?
    • Week 2: Enabling Semantic Search for Enterprise
    • Week 3: Modernizing your Analytics Using a Knowledge Graph
    • Week 4: Querying Knowledge Graphs 
    • Week 5: Accelerating Data Lakes with a Knowledge Graph
Laura-Firey Navin-Sharma Al-baker
Aaron-Wallace Tim-Sedlak