Studio is transitioning into an exclusive in-browser application 

On May 1st, Studio will transition to an exclusively in-browser application. Stardog Studio will no longer be available for download, and we will discontinue any support for downloadable Stardog Studio (including support tickets, bugs, maintenance, or additional features). However, any versions of Stardog Studio that are already installed will continue to function with no change in performance.
We are changing the delivery method for Studio to provide a more consistent and stable cross-platform experience for our users. Studio will still have all of the same features of the desktop-based IDE; all that is changing is how you access those features.
There will be two ways to use Studio going forward. The first is to use, which is an always on-line, always up-to-date hosted version of Studio. Please note, when you are using hosted Studio, the application is running in your browser connecting to your server. At no time are we sending any of your data/queries/models/etc. to our servers; all connections go directly from your browser to your server. Further, your connection metadata and settings are stored locally. The browser-based version of Studio will support the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge at launch.
The second way, if you would like to run a local version of Studio, is to use Docker. You can use the Dockerized version both on your own machine or in a shared environment to easily provide access across your organization. Instructions on how to deploy the docker container can be found here.
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