Stop Searching and Start Solving:
Increase Productivity by unlocking access to data

Having the right information at your fingertips is critical — whether you’re a computational biologist evaluating clinical data to identify a promising drug target, a customer service representative troubleshooting a problem, or a manufacturing executive looking for the most readily available replacement part. In each scenario, the information required to solve these problems is spread across different systems and lives in a variety of formats. 

As a result, people wind up hunting down information across various systems — wasting significant time — or sacrificing untapped potential because they lack sufficient inputs to make the best decision.

While there are plenty of enterprise search options on the market, they’re failing in the face of increasing complexity and performance demands.

Read our whitepaper to find out:

  • Why Springer Nature and the National Bank of Canada choose smart search in order to increase productivity
  • How smart search is able to deliver fewer, more relevant results in order to cut down on time spent searching by up to 90%
  • What distinguishes Stardog's smart search from popular search tools like Elasticsearch
  • How smart search addresses increasing user demands, including supporting AIs like chatbots and voice search applications


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