How Knowledge Graphs Will Transform the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharma’s current data landscape needs a technology transformation. Studies have become increasingly complex as the industry struggles to integrate new and diverse data sources. Data silos continue to prevent a comprehensive view of the patient, resulting in data quality problems that continue to hamper submissions for regulatory approval.
Knowledge graphs are emerging as a solution to the data quality problems by modeling real-world study processes, entities, relationships, and rules. Data provenance and quality can be vastly improved while concurrently decreasing development time, providing the foundation for new analytics and process automation. When FAIR principles are followed, users are better empowered to infer factors and dependencies within data, ultimately benefiting the patients.
Join Tim Williams, Knowledge Graph Project Lead at PHUSE and Guy Vorster, Senior Director of Solutions Consulting at Stardog, for our webinar that will cover:
    • Why knowledge graphs are an ideal tool for a patient-centric approach to data management
    • How a knowledge graph could be used to automate conformance to the FDA’s technical submission requirements
    • How to augment existing investments in relational data with knowledge graph technologies
    • Examples of existing knowledge graph and FAIR initiatives in Pharma
    • Strategies for adopting knowledge graphs within your own work 

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