Webinar: How NASA Built Semantic Search Using Knowledge Graphs

The current global pandemic is disrupting business at an unprecedented pace. Leaders must make fast decisions to ensure the welfare of their employees, while providing ongoing service to customers in evolving market conditions. HR professionals and managers need to be sure they are making full use of their current internal talent to counteract shrinking budgets. However, doing so in a large organization is no easy feat, as employee profile information typically is stored in disparate databases across the enterprise and extracting valuable insights from this data is difficult and time-consuming. While other semantic search solutions exist, they often require employees to self-populate information, leading to both inaccurate and out-of-date data. This correct employee information already exists elsewhere within the company, making these solutions costly and ineffective. 
In this webinar, you will hear how NASA, with a diverse, dispersed and highly skilled workforce, used a knowledge graph to aggregate and link existing employee data and find expertise within their organization to match talent to individual projects. Rather than deploy a discrete platform, NASA leveraged a reusable knowledge graph to enhance and streamline their existing IT infrastructure and HR processes, leading to better project staffing and cost and time savings across the organization. 
Join Greg Ladd, VP, North America Enterprise Sales at Stardog, and Andrew Schain, Data Integration Lead, Human Space Flight (retired) at NASA, who will discuss:
    • How building a connected semantic search application can help your organization navigate these uncertain times 
    • How NASA integrated information from its nearly 70,000-person workforce to develop a comprehensive expertise-matching service
    • How you can extend the functionality of your existing IT infrastructure with a reusable knowledge graph

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