Enterprise Knowledge Graphs: a flexible complement to Master Data Management

The growth of new digital workflows and business processes are transforming the appetite for access to more widespread and complex data. While Master Data Management (MDM) is still an integral part of data strategy, it isn’t a silver bullet for every use case, specifically, those that involve externally-sourced data or datasets that are highly heterogeneous, machine-generated, or unstructured.
The Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform is a different approach to data management that allows teams to connect existing data regardless of its location or structure. Its ability to sustain multiple versions of the truth makes it ideal for conditional business processes and instances where global teams need different views on the same data.
Join Rob Harris, Stardog's VP of Product Management and Former Chief Data Governance Architect at IBM, for our webinar that will cover:
  • What is an Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform and how it works 
  • How organizations like NASA, Dow Jones and Ericsson are leveraging this technology
  • Why combining MDM and an Enterprise Knowledge Graph is becoming a more prevalent trend in Enterprise Architecture

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