Streamline DataOps and Analytics with a Data Fabric

The amount of data engineering time spent accessing data through discovery, metadata management, and ETL setup can cause jammed data pipelines and delayed business outcomes.
Discover how a data fabric is fast-becoming the architecture of choice to connect disparate data sources, streamline DataOps and deliver faster data analytics at a lower cost.
Join Rob Harris, VP Solutions at Stardog, and Guest Speaker Noel Yuhanna, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester,  to learn:  

  • The components of a data fabric architecture and the role a knowledge graph plays in shortening the traditional cycle of extraction, translation, modeling, and mapping to support new applications or analytics requests
  • How to connect unfederated sources (data warehouses, data lakes, MDM, SQL/NoSQL databases, etc) using a data fabric, without copying or moving data
  • How the knowledge graph ascribes business meaning to the data and enables complex analytical query to answer critical business questions
  • How the data fabric creates a reusable data layer that can serve multiple apps or use cases (with differing data models) simultaneously — no costly master schema management required 


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