Stardog | Fresh Gravity Webinar: Scoping Clinical Trials with a Knowledge Graph

The registry provides information regarding past, current and planned studies to patients, clinicians and researchers. However issues related to inconsistencies in data collection, formats, and structural changes over time present challenges to aggregated data analysis and using this data as a resource for research and design of new clinical trials. 

In this webinar, you will learn how to unify data from, classify and curate the data with medical coding dictionaries and enrich with additional clinical publications and literature. Unifying data allows you to perform aggregated data analysis and draw insights from experiences and outcomes of previously conducted experiments. This solution is powered by a knowledge graph, which shows the varied and distant relationships between diseases, drugs, trials, and trial details like locations, inclusion and exclusion criteria, and adverse events. We’ll explain how knowledge graphs can be used to explore clinical trial data and build applications for improved trial design, analyze therapeutic risks and patient safety issues, and answer feasibility questions related to site selection and patient recruitment. 

Join Neha Inamdar, Director, Data Science & Analytics at Fresh Gravity, Suhas Joshi, Managing Director, Data Management at Fresh Gravity, and Rob Harris, VP of Product Management at Stardog, to discuss the art of the possible with knowledge graphs and linked clinical trial data featuring a solution developed by Fresh Gravity using metaphacts and Stardog.

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