Data Science Connect COLLIDE Conference 2023

Data Science's Next Act: A Glimpse into the Future of Generative AI, Vector Databases, Data Democratization, Graph, and More

Join Stardog at COLLIDE Data Science Conference on October 3-4, 2023 in Atlanta, and discover how the collision of data and industry is shaping our present and revolutionizing our future. 
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  check-mark-circle-white  Attend the Stardog Keynote: Charting the Data Universe: Navigating with Knowledge Graphs, Assisted by AI presented by VP of Product, Navin Sharma 
Tuesday, October 3rd @ 10:25am ET
  check-mark-circle-white  Attend the Session: Where LLMs and Knowledge Graphs Collide - Stardog Voicebox presented by Sr. Product Manager, Laura Firey Monroe 
Wednesday, Oct 4th @ 2:20 PM
   check-mark-circle-white  Visit the Stardog booth for a demo of our LLM-powered knowledge engineer, Stardog Voicebox
  check-mark-circle-white  Check out Stardog Cloud today

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