Maximize the ROI of Your Databricks Lakehouse with Stardog

Data lakes hold enormous promise in supporting modern enterprise data architectures. But while data lake implementations have technically succeeded in physically consolidating enterprise data, many implementations have failed to deliver returns from a business perspective.
Enterprise knowledge graphs provide the ideal platform to accelerate returns from data lake investments. By connecting enterprise data and overlaying business semantics, knowledge graphs facilitate more agile data operations, reduce the cost of data integration, and help generate powerful insights into complex business challenges.
Throughout this e-book, we'll discuss what you can accomplish by combining Databricks with Stardog, the leading Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform:
check-mark-circle-white Semantically enrich your consolidated data for more robust analysis
check-mark-circle-white Enable federated querying and analytics on your lakehouse
check-mark-circle-white Accelerate your machine-learning projects
check-mark-circle-white Connect data outside your lakehouse for a full information landscape
check-mark-circle-white Make sense of real-world complexity 


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"Formally transitioning from a relational model to that of linked data was a huge strategic benefit to the bank. We are now able to design and link domain models across organizations and silos.”

— Executive Director, Top 5 US Bank