Stardog Demo Day: Understanding the Power of a Semantic Layer: Royal Edition 


This presentation was recently lauded as “the best explanation of knowledge graph,” so we are bringing it to our Demo Day audience to test the hypothesis. Watch our speaker traverse a dataset of the British Royal Family to answer the most important queries of our time (or at minimum four generation’s worth). Whether you are Team Spare, Team Heir, or None of the Above, learn about the heart of knowledge graph through a framework most everyone can relate to—the family tree. 
Our speaker highlights how to implement business logic to semantically enrich data, thus dynamically ascribing meaning to new data without over-utilizing IT resources. The knowledge graph then in turn uses that logic to “infer” relationships that have not been directly assigned, helping to create a semantic layer across enterprise data regardless of location or structure. We will show our no-code graphical user interface for building and exploring the visual knowledge graph. 


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