Demo Day: Stardog Explorer

An Intuitive Browser for Your Knowledge Graph

This demo day will feature a review of Stardog Explorer, a tool for users to search and explore complex data fabrics easily, without code or queries. Quickly see and understand the relationships in your connected data, whether its on-prem or in the cloud, without moving or copying it. Filter results quickly and explore related concepts. Expand your search results visually to drill down and across your data to uncover patterns, dependencies, or additional insight. Implicit relationships in your data are shown in Explorer, thanks to Stardog’s best-in-class Inference Engine. Explorer automatically groups and colors concepts, summarizing information so you can easily work with large volumes of data. Come join us to learn key features of Stardog Explorer whether you are an existing user or just starting out. 
This leading question of this Demo Day will be: “How can we use Explorer to quickly answer business-related questions?”


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