Demo Day: Customer 360

This Customer 360 Demo follows the journey of client “Acme” that maintains both a brick and mortar, and an e-commerce presence. Acme’s goal is to create a 360 degree view of what customers are doing in order to proactively engage them.
Customers interact with Acme in a variety if ways including purchasing in stores and/or online, posting reviews, and engaging in promotional campaigns. These interactions are logged by Acme and yield a rich picture, but only when meaning is attached to the various connections. Acme uses Stardog to harmonize all of this data, paint a profile of their customers, and serve them up appropriate offers at the right time. 
In this demo, you'll learn:

  • How to easily build up a graph from Acme’s many resources
  • How to use SPARQL queries to identify different classes of customers (known but shown no interest; shown interest but not made a purchase; loyal; ready to churn; etc)
  • How to use named graphs to identify customers according to the stage they are in
  • How to use Stardog to address market segmentation


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