The Enterprise Knowledge Graph: The Heart of a Connected Inventory


The complexities of data, systems and IT asset inventory management can expose critical vulnerabilities. As companies expand their product offerings and geographic presence, it can be difficult to conduct proactive triage on the critical relationships between business, technology and data. These challenges can be further stressed by new digital business needs (eg IoT), fractured cloud and on-prem delivery models, and technologies such as AI. A Knowledge Graph’s ability to represent the reality of IT assets as well as their related information provides visibility about interconnected business processes and operational infrastructure. 

Register for our webinar to explore how an Enterprise Knowledge Graph can serve as the heart of a connected inventory that is traceable to all applications and accessible through contextual search.

Key Learnings:

  • Why the enterprise knowledge graph is the optimal choice for constructing the connected inventory – and how to establish it as the backbone of effective data management. 
  • How building a connected inventory in the knowledge graph can serve as a foundation for resilience, risk analysis, data governance, and regulatory reporting.
  • The operational requirements and solutions architecture for building the connected inventory to address the challenges of lineage, provenance and IT asset management.
  • How leading banks are using Knowledge Graphs 


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