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Gartner Data & Analytics Summit - March 20-22, 2023 - Orlando, FL

Data & Analytics is one of the most rapidly evolving areas of data management. From initiatives to democratize data for citizen users to enabling A.I. and intelligent decision making, the pressure to connect enterprise data and make it actionable has never been stronger.  
Connect with Stardog at Gartner Data & Analytics to learn more about how an Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform lets you create a flexible, scalable and agile semantic data layer to uncover new insights and answer complex queries. Transforming your existing data infrastructure into  a data fabric or similarly connected data architecture underscores Gartner's top trend of creating composable data and analytics in order to connect and accelerate the right data at the right time to make more informed decisions. 
  check-mark-circle-white  Visit the Stardog Booth 1348 (always some great swag)

check-mark-circle-white  Attend our speaking session:

Activate Metadata for Data Consumers with a Semantic Knowledge Graph 

Tuesday, 3/21/23 at 6:30pm (during the Expo Hall reception)

Theatre 2 in Exhibit Showcase Atlantic Hall

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See you in Orlando!

Connect with Stardog at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit!


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