Powering the Connected Enterprise in a Hybrid, Multicloud World

Enterprises are struggling with the consequences of flawed decision-making caused by erroneous, irrelevant, incomplete, and inconsistent data. This is because enterprise data management as we know it is fundamentally broken. Our new hybrid, multicloud IT world is only further complicating this picture as the number of places where disconnected data assets may reside is increasing.

The end state we’re all striving for is the connected enterprise. This is one where data, no matter where it is stored, is connected at the compute layer. At Stardog, we achieve this through a combination of semantic graph, inference, and virtualization, which allows us to connect any enterprise data asset to any other in a spoke-and-hub fashion.

Virtual Graphs are a critical prerequisite to the connected enterprise. Virtualization allows you to connect to any source, no matter its location, without copying data. Virtual Graphs go a step further and uncover the meaning in these disparate sources leveraging the semantic model. At Stardog, we’ve been committed to virtualization since our inception — and we now offer the third generation of our virtualization engine and support 80+ Virtual Graphs for building the largest network of enterprise data.

To further address the needs of this hybrid, multicloud world, we've released Stardog Cloud, the first cloud-native Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform. Stardog Cloud can be deployed in a private cloud or hybrid cloud environment and connects all cloud and on-prem data sources. Stardog Cloud relieves enterprises of managing databases and provides the automatic updates, guaranteed uptime, and elastic scalability that businesses need to focus on delivering value to customers.
Learn more from Stardog’s CEO & Founder, Kendall Clark, during this video as he discusses:
  • The unique capabilities of Stardog’s Virtual Graphs that enable a connected enterprise 
  • Stardog Cloud and how it addresses the needs of a hybrid, multicloud world
  • Stardog’s expanded Connectors universe and how they convert your data into a force multiplier

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