Analytics Modernization

Most modern data and analytics platforms fall short of empowering data and analytics teams to connect any type of data, uncover impactful insights, and speed time to market.
Enterprise Knowledge Graphs provide the ideal platform to access data silos, discover previously unseen data connections, and enable a more complete analysis of data and its relationships, in turn creating valuable business insights faster.

This whitepaper will:

Describe the issues that have caused many analytics platforms to struggle


Highlight what is missing to accelerate ROI from analytics platforms


Explain the value of an Enterprise Knowledge Graph in modern analytics platforms


Demonstrate a practical example of analytics modernization via an Enterprise Knowledge Graph


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“We estimated [an early project with Stardog] would take three months based on our knowledge, and we ended up completing it in eight or nine weeks. But it could have been four to six months if we had done it the old way (without Stardog).”

— R&D Manager, Telecommunications