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AMA with Ashleigh Faith, Knowledge Graph Engineer: Knowledge Graph v. Property Graph

"I am a…Knowledge Graph Engineer with my own YouTube channel under my name, Ashleigh Faith, that has over 1K subscribers and focuses on knowledge graph, taxonomy, machine learning, and other data science topics. One of my most popular videos is Battle of the Ages: Property Graph vs Triple Store. So let's discuss--how do YOU describe the difference and uses for each."
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Headshot - Ashleigh Faith

Ashleigh Faith is the Director of Platform Knowledge Graph and Semantic Search at her day job and she also teaches data topics on YouTube. Her focus is bridging the gap between users and content. She has her PhD, focused on Advanced Semantics, and she has worked in the search and data community for over 15 years with corporate business on eCommerce and Digital Asset Management, as well as government entities such as GM, NASA, NATO, Gulfstream, DoD, and NLM on data strategy and knowledge management. Her main focus is knowledge graph, semantic search, and general information architecture.


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